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Post  Messanger on Fri Aug 29, 2008 7:20 am

Height: 6 foot 6 (1.85m)

Weight: 280 Pounds (135 kg)

Appearance: Baggy, pitch black longsleeved t-shirt and black, baggy jeans, with a belt that has silver skulls on it, Half finger gloves (Like The Phenom's) and he enters wearing a long black trench coat. He is known to produce fire from the ring, ringposts, stairs, ramp and titantron (we all know it's pyrotechnics), he has long, black hair, black eyes (contacts of course) and rarely smiles. Some people think that he could be an undead for his zombie like movements and pale skin.

His icons is The Undertaker, Kane and Chris Benoit (R.I.P. Chris Sad ) So his style is based on pure heavy striking and submissive moves. He is allways ready to grab a weapon to inflict even more damage and loves to have a faster and more agile partner who can tire the oponents for him to make a heavy hitting impact. He is known to favour Last Man Standing matches as it gives him more reason to inflict pain.

He has a strong sense of honour and chivalry. This is good news for the guys who like to use their lady companions for added advantage, because Messanger will not lift a finger against any lady. His actions and reasons may not allways seem to be the right course of action, but he allways ends up doing the right thing, this allways goes down well with the fans.

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