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Post  Steele on Sat Jul 05, 2008 5:41 pm

Wrestler: STEELE
Nickname: "The Finale"
Sex: Male
Hometown: Bridgetown,Barbados "Baytown"
Weight: 285
Height: 6'9"

Born in the Caribbean City of Bridgetown, known as "Baytown" or "The Bay," Steele took a love to wrestling. Often on the beautiful beaches Steele and other friends would wrestle on the beach. Fortunately, Steele excelled at this excercise and began mapping out a career for himself. Steele joined the local training facility and represented his country on numerous occasions winning numerous medals along the way. With a Caribbean record of 49W 1L,(the one loss came when Steele entered the ring with a broken arm unknown to his trainers and couragously fought an Iron Man match, where the opponent used a forgein object to defeat Steele) It was only a matter of time before different agents seeked Steele out. Amid the exuberance of skill displayed,it was only a matter of time before the "minor" leagues were dominated by Steele an so Steele sought a new challenge to overcome his dominating parametres.
Which brings us to today....where Steele entered his Superpro/Superstar career.
Now as it stands will Steele again dominate? Or will the end of a so far illustrious career come to a final chapter?

There is an eruption of blasts of fire blazing throughout the arena.Suddenly, the rampway ignites with red fire works.
The music begins to blast(System Of A Down) and Steele makes his entrance by being "shot" out from under the rampway amidst red fireworks.

Steele kicks the opponent violently in the abdomin picks the opponent up above the head and executes a powerful double powerbomb

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Pre - Main Eventer

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