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All Hail!! King Edge's Gimmick Empty All Hail!! King Edge's Gimmick

Post  King Edge on Fri Jul 11, 2008 9:20 pm

Wrestler Name : King Edge

Home Town: London, England

Wrestler Height: 1.90m

Wrestler Weight: 1.10kg

Appearance: King Edge has his long blonde hair, averange body, he wears a black gear with the Rated "R" Symbols on each side.

Description: King Edge is super cocky, he works alone and don't like help from the others even if he's all beated up. He's not a fan favourite and he hates the ones who suport him. King Edge love to inflict pain and leave him opponent in a bloody mess!

Nicknames: "The Rated "R" Superstar" and "The Charismatic Enigma"

Quotes: "Prepare to be taken...To the EDGE!" and "Nobody Holds"

Taunts: Cosmic End and You Suck

Modified Moves: Modified DDT, Modified Knee Stomp and Modified Samoan Drop.

Finishers: Spear, Pain Thriller and ShockWave Assault

Stable: Leader and Creator of The Rated "R" Connection

Shows: The Cutting Edge!

Heel or Face: Heel

Entrance Video:

Manager: Brooke

Current Tag Team Partner: King Neli - The Kings Connection


The Fight Club:
Intercontinental Champion
VGM and GM in one of the shows
TFC Hall of Fammer


Well...King Edge has been here since day 1...His first and only fed was The Fight Club...He started there his awesome career as a normal wrestler...But, weeks later...Edge was the VGM of TFC and GM of 1 of the shows...Sunday Night Slaughter...This was a happy life...till 1 day...Joey...decided to close TFC due to personal problems...Edge's happy dream turned into a nightmare...after TFC closed he restarted...looking to build a better future...and TFC...THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!
King Edge
King Edge

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