Johny Misfits Entrance and Gimick

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Johny Misfits Entrance and Gimick Empty Johny Misfits Entrance and Gimick

Post  Goner on Fri Jul 11, 2008 1:20 am

Johny Misfits

Wieght: 297

Height: 6 feet 7 inchs tall

Ring Gear: Black boots, black pants no shirt

Dig Dig Up Her Bones
Misfits Devil Driver Lock
Misfits Nail In The Coffin
Modified Pepsi Twist
Modified Strangle Hold
Mommy Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight

2nd Sub Lvl Champion: 1 victories and 1 defenses
2nd Lms Lvl Champion: 2 victories and 4 defenses
2nd Lvl Champion: 2 victories and 7 defenses
3rd Lvl Champion: 5 victories and 5 defenses
4th Lvl Champion: 4 victories and 7 defenses
1st Lvl Tag Champ: 9 victories and 15 defenses
2nd Lvl Tag Champ: 1 victories and 2 defenses

Johnny Misfits use to be in one of the greatest bands in history The misfits. but after Selling out show after show with the misfits he need a new challenge. After he played a gig for a tna pay per view He met up with Steve "Sting" Borden and has been in training for his début in the Nuclear Wrestling Federation . So be on the look out for Johnny Misfits. He is Sure to be a super star on the rise.

I have Finally arrived in Nuclear Wrestling Federation And I am looking for a feud and a challenge.
The Path of death and destruction when I finally step in to the ring will be legendary and any one that stands in my way on the rise to the top will left in the dust and Johnny misfits Legacy of Brutality has just Started.

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