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Post  gay-jay okocha on Mon Jul 07, 2008 3:58 am

Name - jay-jay okocha

Age - 34

Weight - 275 Pounds

Height - 6'1

jay-jay okocha is a classic wrestling 'tweener. Some love him and some hate him, his ability to make a crowd hate him from the midcardd when in the USA is unparalleled through his constant America-hating. However, in the UK he is considered a hero and a strong upper-midcard babyface at that.

He arrived to wrestling late and has only been in the ring for three years. He was a football (soccer) player until he got caught taking performance enhancing drugs and quickly needed to change to a 'sport' that would accept his constant juicing.

He is a roided up scary muthaf*cker who is quite likely to bring a bunch of footballs (soccer-balls) to the ring and utilse them in his matches. He wears his first international jersey from his debut for Nigeria, soccer-shorts, shin pads and (if the ref doesn't see it) a pair of metal studded soccer boots that he is not afraid to use to cause bloodshed...
gay-jay okocha
gay-jay okocha
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