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Name: Diamond Justice
Age": 20
Height: 5,9
Weight: 253

Apperence: Diamond has rather pale skin, short black hair and brown eyes with a little green touch in them. His ring attire consits of grey jeans who are stuffed into his black knee-high boots, black knee-pads and for some odd reasons a bright yellow elbow-pad with pink dots on it on the right arm and a normal black one on the other side. He also always puts white tape around both wrists.

Description: Diamond Justice has an obsession with habbits. He has to do everything in EXACTLY the same manner everytime and has to plan EVERY little detail of everything he does beforehand. This also includes some weird habbits that other people often make fun off. You can defenetly not call him a social kind of person, since he rather stays for himselve because it is hard to plan a conversation bevore it actually happens. Diamond hates nothing more than suprises or to be in unexpected situations. If it does happen he most likeley is confused and will act rather embarrasing or trys to force a situation that he has a precidure for. He absoluteley has no ability of being spontanious which often meant that a good opportunity passed him by while he just sat there confused not knowing how to react.

Diamond is a heel, not because he is evil, but because he is just not somebody you would call "cool" or "carismatic" but most likeley "weird". The fans often make fun of him which he never gets, because he is to wrapped up in his own little world of rules, plans and habbits.
Diamond Justice
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