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Post  The ScareCrow on Thu Aug 14, 2008 2:22 pm

Born in the middle of an enormous Cornfield in Southern Kentucky... The ScareCrow was raised to guard the endless rows. His father was a violent alcoholic and his mother wanted nothing to do with her only child and called him things like devil spawn and referred to him as "that hideous creature." For punishment his parents would tie him to a wooden scarecrow cross, in the middle of the Cornfield, with bailing wire.
In an attempt to make his mother even so much as look at him, at age 10 he cut a single eye hole in an old gunny sack and wore it over his face and tied it on with bailing wire to hide his face which he believes to be hideously disfigured. It was a futile attempt. Instead he was tied up in the middle of the field and was forbidden to ever remove the gunny sack. Though his hatred ran deep for his parents after this, he still obeyed their orders and was glad when they banned him from the yard.
Late at night while wandering through neighboring cornfields he came upon a farm house. He noticed a glow coming through one of the windows and went to investigate. Upon looking through the window he saw a box with a screen. His parents had one of these boxes before it was called a tee vee set. What he saw on the set amazed him more than anything had ever amazed him in his entire life. He felt true Happiness for the first time in his life. He saw another man in a mask with a sock on his hand and he looked like he was ripping his opponents jaw off. He heard people cheering and then had an epiphany... If he could do what the men on the "tee vee" could do people would like him.
He started watching through the same window til the age of 18, taking mental notes, and practicing with the Scarecrow that was once tied to his cross.
He was discovered by 4 outcasts that shared the same love for the sport as he did and thats how he got into backyard organizations and was eventually offered a contract with the Nuclear Wrestling Federation

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