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Post  Zach Shamrock on Mon Aug 04, 2008 10:00 am

Well, talking about Zach...Well, Zach is a INSANE wrestler looking for revenge...He's going to break everything in front of him and his main goal is to tourture everyone around him...He hides his face behind a mask because he's affraid to show his face again and lose everything...He think that he's unlucky in life...and the only way to face the world is behind a mask...


Name: Zach Shamrock

Face or Heel: Heel

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 223lbs

Appearance: Silver painted leather mask, long black hair, black costume sleaveless top that comes together with silver clasps up the front and silver skulls on the shoulders. Black pants and boots.

Description: I am from the city of sin London. I am a heel not a coward. I think there is a big difference between them. I am a heel because I am not afraid to go into the ring put a boston crab on a man and tear his muscles or to take a chair put it an opponents throat and smash it down on his larinx. I am not a heel because I smack the ref to get purposely DQed to keep a title. I am mean and vicious do my lack of shere size. The fans hate me because I am there to fight and not just to entertain them. I am a natural born sadist and that is why I am a resis wrestler who has a large focus on powerful moves, but I have a variety of manuevers in my arsenal and look just as forward to using The Pain Thriller as I do The No More Words. I wear a mask not because I am a mute but because the fans aren't worthy enough to see my face and I am definitely not a mute and can and will speak my mind and my special points of view.

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Zach Shamrock:

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Mrs. Marrise

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Zach Shamrock
Zach Shamrock

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